Experimental Linguistics

Course Dates

Lecturers: Roland Mühlenbernd (tools), Przemyslaw Zywiczynski (overview, background knowledge)

eMail: muehlenberndATvDOTumkDOTpl

Dates: 18.05., 25.05., 01.06., 08.06. 2020

Place: online (at interim)

Course Description

The course Experimental Linguisitcs gives an introduction to knowledge and tools that enable students to collect (linguistic) data for empirial studies. While the creation and conduction of lab experiments is the main aspect, students also learn how to collect data from the web (webscraping) and how to analyze the data. This part of the course (18.05.-08.06.) is given by Roland Mühlenbernd and introduces diverse tools for the following tasks:

  • the creation of experiments that can be conducted in the web browser
  • the colletion, filtering and reprocessing of web data (webscraping)
  • the alalysis of data collected from experiments or webscraping


Nr Date Time Topic(s) Tools/Exercises
A 18.05 13:15 Experiment Creation I [slides] magpie, LabVanced, Ibex Farm
B 25.05 13:15 Experiment Creation II [slides] [exercise]
C 08.06 13:15 Corpus Studies/Experiment III [slides] [exercise], corpus tools, sketch engine, universal dependencies, UAM corpus tools
Experimental Linguistics
Center for Language Evolution Studies (CLES)
Collegium Maius, ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3, 87-100 Torun