Language Evolution in the Lab
An Introduction to LabVanced

Course Dates

Lecturers: Roland Mühlenbernd

eMail: muehlenberndATvDOTumkDOTpl

Dates: 06.11.2020 - 26.03.2021

Place: online (at interim)

Course Description

The Webinar 'Language Evlution in the Lab: An Introdiction to LabVanced' introdices to the experimental software LabVanced. In 16 sessions the participants learn how to create, manipulate, publish and conduct experiments, in the laboratory and online as well. The 16 sessions are divided into four thematic blocks:

  1. The Basics (sessions 1-4)
  2. Data Flow: Variables & Events (sessions (5-8)
  3. Working with Objects (sessions 9-12)
  4. Advanced Features (sessions 13-16)


Nr Date Time Topic(s) Ressources (vl: video link, ted: task editor) [rec]
1 06.11.20 11:00 Overview & creating a survey [sheet menu], [vl overview] [vl study design]
2 13.11.20 11:00 Task editor: objects, variables, events [sheet editor], [vl ted frames] [vl ted text]
3 20.11.20 11:00 Task editor: the trial system [pics ropes], [vl ted trial sys] [vl random]
4 27.11.20 11:00 Settings, publishing & data view [vl study setting] [vl publishing] [vl data view]
5 08.01.21 11:00 Data flow I: event triggers [sheet events/variables] [vl event system]
6 15.01.21 11:00 Data flow II: variables [sheet variables & data types] [vl variables]
7 22.01.21 11:00 Data flow III: variables & arrays [vl variables2]
8 29.01.21 11:00 Data flow IV: programmatic use [pics kids], [vl programmatic use]
9 05.02.21 11:00 Objects I: image tasks [vl objects] [vl textbox], [vl button], [vl navigation], [vl image], [vl invisible], [vl progress bar]
10 12.02.21 11:00 Objects II: audio tasks [sound files], [vl audio play], [vl audio record]
11 19.02.21 11:00 Objects III: video tasks [video file], [vl video], [vl m.choice], [vl check box]
12 26.02.21 11:00 Objects IV: task completion [vl checkbox], [vl matrix], [vl selection]
13 05.03.21 11:00 Multi user study I: setting the stage [pic files], [vl real time multi user studies]
14 12.03.21 11:00 Multi user study II: initial events [vl real time multi user studies]
15 19.03.21 14:30 Multi user study III: interaction events
16 26.03.21 11:00 Multi user study IV: score system and publishing the study [vl variables] [vl data view] [vl publishing]
Language Evolution in the Lab: An Introduction to LabVanced
Center for Language Evolution Studies (CLES)
Collegium Maius, ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3, 87-100 Torun